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My only visit to Ireland for the West Cork Rally, and what better event to photograph.
My thanks to Kevin O'Driscoll for scanning all these negatives for the West Cork Rally book, well worth a read.
A rare sight of the Ford Works Fiesta DHJ500T driven by Roger Clark, and short event for Tony Pond in the Chrysler Sunbeam on the first Stage.
118-WC79-684-04A118-WC79-685-25118-WC79-687-26118-WC79-692-34118-WC79-695-15S1-A1-6-Roger ClarkS1-A2-6-Roger ClarkS1-A3-6-Roger ClarkS1-A4-6-Roger ClarkS1-A5-6-Roger ClarkS1-A6-30-Jeff JamesS1-B1-56-Sandy LawsonS1-B2-116-Paul MayerS1-B3-14-John CoyneS1-B4-23-Ken ReesS1-B5-113-Bob HeadS1-B6-56-Sandy LawsonS1-C1-91-Brian FieldS1-C2-14-John CoyneS1-C3-Clerk of the Course

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