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Venue: Pershore airfield and surrounding country roads
Organising Club: Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation
Championship: National B event - Autosessive HRCR Clubmans
HERO Clubmans event - HERO Cup in association with EFG

Winner National B (HRCR) event: Howard Warren/Ryan Pickering, Porsche 911
Winner Clubmans (HERO) event: Chris and Fred Winter, Hillman Imp
Photographer: Tony Large, assisted by Mike Sargent

The 4th running of the Throckmorton Challenge was on Saturday 12th October 2013. The event comprised of two rallys, a National B, being the last round of the Autosessive HRCR Clubmans Rally Championship and a Clubmans that qualified for the HERO Cup, supported by EFG International. The competition consisted of a total of fifteen tests, interspersed with a hand-full of regularities on roads outside of the QinetiQ site, with the last one on site.
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