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Date: Friday 27th - Saturday 28th September 2013

Location: Dalby, Cropton and Langdale Forests, Yorkshire. Organised by: Trackrod Motor Club.

Championships: MSA British Rally Championship, BRC Challenge, RAC Rally Championship, Northern Historic Championship, Landrover Challenge, BTRDA Championships, MSA English Rally Championship, ANCC Stage Rally Championship, ANWCC Forest Rally Championship, EMAMC Multi Venue Stage Rally Championship.

Winner: BRC: Car 4, Osian Pryce and Dale Furniss. BRC Challenge: Car 61, Russ Thompson and Andy Murphy. Landrovers: Car 91, Alan Paramore and Mark Roberts. Historics: Car 114, Matt Edwards and Elliot Edmondson. BTRDA: Car 303, Stephen Petch and Ian Windress.
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