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Scrutineering completed today in sunshine, but biting winds made it chilly.  The Welcome Black Tie dinner tonight at Lands End Hotel for all competitors and Officials saw John Brown welcomed and presented with an award.  John Brown 'created' LeJoG 20 years ago, and he received a 2014 rally plate from non starter car 1.  Speeches kept everyone amused from CoC Peter Nedin, Tomas de Vargas Machuca, first winner Evan MacKenzie, and a lovely reply from John Brown.  Roll on the start at 0700 tomorrow!


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The 'Biggest One' - LeJoG 2014 The 'Biggest One' - LeJoG 2014 - Thursday, Lands End

Plenty of crews have already arrived at Lands End tonight, a select group of British leading competitors, and the BMW Classic team in the Hotel, to mention a few.

Weather forecast makes interesting viewing, with lots of bar room predictions, will there still be any snow left 'up North' when the event gets there on Monday?  We will just have to wait and see.

We had a successful recce in Devon on the way down, the white hire car beginning to change colour after traversing a few muddy lanes this afternoon.

More blogs over the course of the event.






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13th Rally of the Tests - Part 2 13th Rally of the Tests 2014 – Part 2


Day 2 LW to LW, via Nanteos Mansion, Aberystwyth for lunch

November the 1st, and the weather changed to winter temperatures overnight, almost frosty in the Metropole car park before the 0800 start.  Having two nights in Llandrindod Wells opened up lots of famous roads to the coast and back for Guy to use, and I bet a lot of competitors wished he hadn’t used so many.  A ‘green box’ instruction on the first regularity of the day certainly showed what a day it was going to be!

We played safe and went to the Tests in Sweet Lamb, not many photos to be had on a regularity section if the competitors don’t find the right road we thought.  By the sounds of it we were right!

After a drive through of the two tests we settled on a nice gravel 90 right after bridge to photograph.

34-RT14_1665'Steady as she goes Captain Frank'The Mercedes-Benz 300SE of Frank Fennel & Kevin Savage tackle the 'Shooting the Breeze' test at Sweet Lamb. Although a cloudy start, we had some sunny spells, so we kept dry, but colder, the forecast was for rain later in the day, (it didn’t disappoint!).

The days route made a sort of figure of 8 from Llandrindod Wells to Aberystwyth, so catching the all cars again before lunch wasn’t an option.  We went to recce a regularity through a forest before the test at Nant-Y-Moch Dam in the afternoon.  Again a Test Commander, Carl, made us welcome as he was setting up the Test, and I decided that a shot with the Dam in the background was the one to get, with Mick taking a different angle. BMW Promotional Photo? What, not clean enough!A spare moment reccing the test at Nant Y Moch, thanks Carl. By now it was getting colder, and the forecast rain arrived a bit earlier than expected, if only the weather had held.  I tried using an umbrella, but the wind up the valley to the dam got stronger as the rain increased, and off went my brollie.  Up, and up the valley side it got blown, at one point we thought it was going to blow across the test, but it disappeared from sight and we later learned it went flying past the finish never to be seen again.  So if you’re ever up walking around the reservoir above Nant Y Moch and see a black and blue Dunlop umbrella, you don’t know where it came from and I don’t want it back!

30-RT14_2198Triumphant TriumphEventual Winners on the 'Dambusters March' test at Nant Y Moch.

From Nant Y Moch we headed off to the Llandovery and the Time Control in the Castle Hotel to check there were no holdups and get a much needed coffee.  The evening’s entertainment had been handed out to crews earlier in the day to plot.  A nice drive through Halfway Forest, Epynt and then Crychan Forest, all in the dark and consisting of 12 TCs and interspersed by numerous Passage Checks.  Again the Map Book we had showed the route with words like ‘Use NAM loop in wide area’, ‘Long way round triangle’ and ‘Use NAM gravel loop on left’, Oh boy were the competitors going to have fun. 

By now the wind and rain was constant, luckily we found an uphill left hairpin in the middle of Halfway to photograph (with the permission of the CoC).  Despite the difficult conditions I, with umbrella No.2, managed to hold my ground and get some shots.  Mick, meanwhile, had been dispatched to the car so at least one of us could keep dry.

Fording AheadRoy Gillingham & David Taylor taking their Zephyr through Halfway Forest

After the last car, the Sweep crew of Andy Inskip and Rob Dominy followed by the enthusiastic closing van, we drove out and up to Dixies.  Then it was across Epynt via Tirabad and a welcome supper back at the Metropole again in Llandrindod Wells.  The main topic of conversation at the dinner table was the weather, the marshals who braved it, and of course the route.  Let’s just say that ‘long way round the triangle’ probably doesn’t even begin to cover the half of it.  The results would seem to show several crews went ‘shopping’ enabling Ryan & Andy to regain the lead, despite them having car problems.  With only one more day to go, could they possibly hold on to the lead to the finish? 

Positions after Day 2 – LW to LW

Lowest Penalties: Roger Powley/Leigh Powley, Porsche 911, 07:59

Overall: Ryan Pickering/Andy Ballantyne, Triumph TR4, 11:04

Second: Dermot Carnegie/Paul Bosdet, Volvo PV544, 11:52

Third: David Morgan/Martyn Taylor, Volvo 123GT, 12:17

Fourth: John Abel/Andrew Duerden. Alfa Romeo Guilia Sport, 14:40

Fifth: Frank Fennell/Kevin Savage, Mercedes-Benz 300SE, 15:04


Day 3 – Llandrindod Wells to Bristol, via Chepstow Racecourse for lunch

The last day, the weather in stark contrast to the day before, was now bright and dry with the sun even peeking out occasionally.  With a 0730 restart there wasn’t  lot of light that early in the morning, and I knew the B4519 climb up to Epynt, with the viewpoint at the top would be a good location and by the time we got there, hopefully, there would be a bit more light.  So we decided to skip the first test and regularity and head for the viewpoint. On the climb, nice view!Stephen Owens & Ian Mitchell in a Mini Cooper S scooped the Post 62 Concours d’Elegance award.   It was nice to see my good friend Mark Griffin’s father Alan standing there, ‘great minds think alike’ immediately sprung to mind.  Obviously the ‘use farm road’ at the end of the preceding regularity down the hill caught a few out.  Several cars came passed us, only to do a 180 when they realised the end control wasn’t at the top, still it meant we got to photograph them 3 times!

Watch out Mick!The Esso Drexel liveried Escort of Drexel Gillespie and Gill Cotton took the Best Mixed Crew award.

From there we headed down to Brecon and the A40 to the coffee stop TC outside Crickhowell. Conversation amongst the crews was still on the navigation, and who had ‘found’ the end control on that farm road.  We knew we would end up at Chepstow Racecourse for the tests either side of lunch, but planned to try and fit in a spot before then.  Whilst we would miss the lower cars, with reverse seeding again today, we knew we could catch the rest.  So off into Regularity 3/3 which ran either side of the A4042 south of Abergavenny, the western side showed it crossing the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal, where found a nice hump back bridge to photograph. Must keep my fingers out of the way!Dermot & Paul crossing the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal   This gave me a chance to get close and use my fish eye wide angle lens.  Even here one or two crews found a different direction of approach to the bridge, but we won’t mention the German car!

After completing my use of the fish eye lens, which picked out one or two cars now sporting ALDI signage, we sped on to Chepstow. Been shopping?Ryan & Andy's Triumph sporting additional signage. I thought advertising wasn't allowed?  Two tests here and some nice backgrounds of the racecourse, but then it rained.  Whilst only a short shower, it did give me a thorough soaking, standing up by the ‘rails’, although my Craghoppers trousers soon dried out afterwards.

Under 'Starters Orders'Roger & Leigh Powley on their way to collecting the lowest penalties and 1st in Class 11.

Just the last trek now onto the M4 to the finish in Bristol remained.   A last minute change due to roadworks saw us photographing the cars next to the Grand Hotel.  At the dinner after the Prologue, as punishment for a misdemeanour on the previous event, Guy Woodcock had presented Bob Rutherford with a heavy old fashioned ‘portable’ telephone to be carried for the duration of the event.  Bob exacted his revenge at the finish, by ambushing Guy with Shaving Foam, all over his head.  I think Guy got the joke!

Shaving Foam - go!

Oh dear - revenge will be sweet I fear!










The result was still in doubt, had Ryan and Andy kept their lead?  It seemed they had, with rumours of ‘by only a handful of seconds’.  And so it turned out, just 8!

Winners!Ryan spays the bubbly.

Final Positions after Day 3 – LW to Bristol

Lowest Penalties: Roger Powley/Leigh Powley, Porsche 911, 12:48

Overall: Ryan Pickering/Andy Ballantyne, Triumph TR4, 14:34

Second: Dermot Carnegie/Paul Bosdet, Vlovo PV544, 14.42        

Third: David Morgan/Martyn Taylor, Volvo 123GT, 16:33

Fourth: Jonathan Hancox/Richard Labley, Triumph TR4, 20:56

Fifth: John Abel/Andrew Duerden. Alfa Romeo Guilia Sport, 22:01


The awards that evening saw a packed house with a popular win going to the ‘Triumphant’ TR4 crew of Ryan Pickering and Andy Ballantyne.  Andy’s thank you speech was one of the best I’ve heard, but then he is a radio presenter.


And just to show the navigators work just as hard as the drivers:

Are you sure that's the right way?That's one hell of a pair of glasses! More colouring in?I'd get a bigger magnifying glass Paul


















Roll on the 14th Rally of the Tests – Newcastle to Blackpool 

[email protected] ( Classic Car Classic Rally Association Classic Rally Car Driving Test FIA HERO HERO Cup HERO Events Ltd Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation Motorsport Rally Rally Car Rally Competitors Rally of the Tests Regularity section Tony Large Sat, 08 Nov 2014 20:07:47 GMT
13th Rally of the Tests - Part 1 13th Rally of the Tests 2014 – Part 1

What a ‘Tests’, the mistakes, sorry, penalties that the leaders made, resulted in a nail biting finish at Bristol.  How could you do it boys?

Over the four days several crews lead, only to collect penalties for errors and then another crew take the lead, four times, yes four times.  The saying ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings’1 was never more appropriate!

Guy Woodcock and Anthony Preston laid on a fantastic route, and the navigational challenge gauntlet was well and truly thrown down again.  When the Official Map Book is peppered with, ‘Not as Map Loop’, ‘Use farm road’ and ‘Use Car Park loop on left opposite Chapel, you know it’s going to be a challenge.  The Classic Rally Association had another 'cracking Tests' ready. 


From reading various competitors FB posts, you couldn’t have written a better script as the event unfolded.  As second place Paul Bosdet said Swapping the lead with them no less than four times until they got the better of us by a mere 8 seconds after 3 and a half days of tough rallying. It was the forest in Epynt that really did it where we lost 7 minutes - Howard and Tullie lost 7 in there too. Ryan went shopping on the Sunday which nearly did it for them’.  One to definitely go down in the history books, no one really sure who had won when the cars went under the Finish banner outside the Grand Hotel in Bristol.


Ryan Pickering and Andy Ballantyne, in their Triumph TR4, were the eventual worthy winners, by just 8 seconds!  Andy’s blog is deserving read on how they won/lost/won the 13th Rally of the Tests.


Finally, the Finishl to r, Guy Woodcock, Ryan Pickering, Andy Ballantyne & Jeremy Dickson

As for Mick & I, we managed to find some great locations to get us to get the shots we wanted with the usual preparation of a recce and experience helping.

First the Prologue, 2 regularities interspaced by a test around a Stock Car Racing Track.  The afternoon recce showed an ‘interesting’ route on the first regularity after crossing the Errwood Reservoir Dam, right then left into a Car Park!  The Car Park of course having another exit at the end of it, back onto the road further on.  Whilst I’m sure it would have been amusing to watch, any flash would have given the route away, so we moved on.  Likewise the second regularity, although the impossible hairpin in the farm would have been interesting, we knew the Italians would be there so that just left the Stock Car Track test.  A chat there with Andy, the security man, gave us the access route to the infield. We were now setup for where to go on the Prologue, after photographing the top 10 leaving the start. Ready to goThe cars lining up in front of the Pavilion in Buxton waiting to start the 13th Rally of the Tests


Back to Buxton, and a brief Media Briefing from the Clerk of the Course, ‘don’t drive into the Forests, and don’t try to get into Caerwent, you’ll only get arrested!’ preceded the start outside the Pavillion in Buxton.



Then it was up to the Stock Car Track where luckily Graham Parkinson was Test Commander, so with a ‘help yourself, you know what you’re doing’ ringing in our ears we took up position on the infield ready to flash away.

Car 1, the Fraser Nash Sports driven by Jason Dearden with Catriona Rings on the maps tackle the Prologue Test 'Taking Stock'.

Everyone managed to find the Test, eventually, several competitors lining up for the start of the second regularity, instead of heading for the Test!

Back at the Palace Hotel HQ the bar was full of stories from the short Prologue, admissions of wrong slots, nearly missing the test, and the devious nature of the navigation.  And this was just after the Prologue, 3 full days to go, but enough competition had been completed to set the restart order for Day 1, which would be in reverse order.

Positions after Prologue:

Lowest Penalty: Howard Warren/Iain Tullie, Porsche 911, 00:15

Overall: Ryan Picker/Andy Ballantyne, Triumph TR4,  00:23

Second: = John Abel/Andrew Duerden, Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint, 00:29

              =  Jonathan Hancox/Richard Lambly, Triumph TR4,  00:29

Fourth: = Jan Ebus/Jan Berkhof, Porsche 356 SC, 00:35

             = Richard White/Richard Scott, Volvo 122S, 00:35


Day 1 – Buxton to Llandrindod Wells, via Weston Park for lunch

Having had the route a week before we had a good idea of where to go, and with accommodation in Buxton the Thursday night being scarce, we booked B&B at the Lathkil Hotel in Over Haddon.  This was ideally situated as the first regularity went almost past the front door, well around the edge of Over Haddon.  Talk about fall out of bed and pick up a camera!

02-RT14_0508Day 1, Regularity 1/1 'Bakewell View'the Jaguar XK120 DHC of Phillip Haslam & Peter Fletcher on day 1. The crew won the Concours d’Elegance - Pre62 Award.

After seeing all the cars, well almost, 4 failed to appear, although one did turn up later that day, we headed for south of Ashbourne and a test at Darley Moor Race Circuit.  Again the recce had shown us where to go, the test diagram helped us visualise the best angles for this very fast motorcycle circuit, although the test only completed 9/10ths of a lap.

Traffic in Ashbourne dropped us some time, so it was a bit of a rush to get setup before the first car arrived.  But help from Chris Fieldhouse marshalling the start, and Ian & Sue Butcher at the finish saw us get to the positions we wanted.  60-RT14_13554Ian and Sue Butcher on the finish of the 'Circuit Training' test at Durley Moor.

Considering it was the end of October it was still very mild, so much for needing winter jumpers, it was very pleasant standing photographing on the Race Track.

'How low can you go' CliveRenault 5 crew Clive Baty & Henry Carr eventually finished 5th overall.





Plan A had been then to go to Weston Park, and photograph the watersplash, but it was a bit of a stretch to get there for the first run, but no problem I thought, we’ll be able to get in between the two goes of the test before the second run.  Wrong.  I hadn’t realised that the tests were being run concurrently, with the second run starting before the first one had finished.  The cars running on 30 seconds and with headlights on to help the marshals differentiate.  So on to Plan B.

 Now many years ago when the RAC Rally ran through Weston Park, (who’ll ever forget the ‘problem’ Vauxhall had there with the Astra’s low air intakes), I covered it and had a Press Pass.  But to stand and photograph on the stages you needed a tabard, of which there were only ever a small number issued.  Back then I wasn’t high enough up the pecking order to get one, but that didn’t stop me and a colleague managing to get to the watersplash.  I won’t say how, but remembering how we did it then meant I knew how to get to the finish of the test, which we duly did.   

'Park Life' Taking to the grass in Weston Park, Dermot Carnegie & Paul Bosdet, before a shopping trip.

Next was a long drive over to the ‘Farmyard Frolics’ test which we had been told had a cracking watersplash in the middle, so off to the other side of Knighton we went.  As the Test wasn’t due to run until 1750 we decided to pick the route up at Church Stretton and follow it, all for future reference of course!  Along the way we bumped into Trina Walsh and Sue Shoosmith marshalling and Graham & Sue Parkinson too.  The usual ‘funny seeing you here’ greeting, in the middle of nowhere, beginning to wear thin after a while.

Arriving a hour before the test started meant we could see it in daylight, the Test Commander letting us drive through, and our up to then clean car coming out a completely different colour afterwards.  The test wasn’t called ‘Farmyard Frolics’ for nothing!  The watersplash was great, with Tomas de Vargas Machuca firing his orange Porsche 911 through creating the biggest splash, and achieving fastest time by one second from the yellow 911 of the Powleys.

Incoming!Tomas de Vargas Machuca and Sean Toohey enjoying the 'Farmyard Frolics' test. and another 911Roger Powley & Leigh Powely trying on the 'Farmyard Frolics' test to.
























After capturing all the cars getting wet, and managing not to ourselves, we then set off for the night halt, whilst the competitors went and enjoyed themselves in nearby Sarnau forests in the dark.

A buffet meal in the HQ Metropole Hotel saw lots of tales being recounted after the first full day of the 13th Tests.  What had Guy got in store for the Day 2 Welsh loop they all wondered?  The night time TC Section around and over Epynt was much discussed.


Positions after Day 1 – Buxton to Llandrindod Wells

Lowest Penalty: Howard Warren/Iain Tullie, Porsche 911, 03:49

Overall: Dermot Carnegie/Paul Bosdet, Volvo PV544, 04:32

Second: David Morgan/Martyn Taylor, Volvo 123GT, 06:05

Third: John Abel/Andrew Duerden. Alfa Romeo Guilia Sport, 06:11

Fourth: Ryan Pickering/Andy Ballantyne, Triumph TR4, 06:21

Fifth: Frank Fennell/Kevin Savage, Mercedes-Benz 300SE, 06:29


to be continued........


[email protected] ( Classic Car Classic Rally Car Driving Test HERO HERO Cup Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation Motorsport Old Cars Rally Rally Car Rally Competitors Regularity section Tony Large Sat, 08 Nov 2014 16:45:00 GMT
The 'Big One' Winter is now just around the corner, Autumn has been fantastic, (apart from a morning's soaking on Throckmorton) so after a couple of months photographing one day events here comes the 'Big One', the Rally of the Tests.  This year Buxton to Bristol via Llandrindod Wells for two nights.  Guy Woodcock is going to throw the best roads in Wales at the competitors, will they all find the correct route? 

2013 Winners Paul Wignall & Mark AppletonRunning from Thursday 31st October to Sunday 3rd November 2013 The Rally of the Tests was an International Historic Regularity Rally under a licence issued by the FIA. Organised by the Classic Rally Association (HERO Events Ltd) it started in Chester and finished in Harrogate, via night stops in Stoke and Windermere. See for details.

Can Paul & Mark win again?

Will there be 'wet bits'? Jonathan Hancox & Richard Lambley found some in 2013 Will there be 'wet bits'?

Will there be 'farm tracks'?Rachel Vestey & Owen Turner found one in 2013 Will there be 'farm tracks'?

26-RT13_8618and finally, will there be 'army roads'?Ryan Pickering & Andy Ballantyne trying hard.

And finally, will there be 'Army roads'?

With a fantastic entry of nearly 100 cars there is no shortage of challengers, may the best crew win.

For spectators points see the webpage here.

Mick Briggs & I will be out photographing the whole event, so come back to my website in a fews days after the finish to see shots of the crews in action.


[email protected] ( Classic Car Classic Rally Association Classic Rally Car Driving Test FIA HERO HERO Cup HERO Events Ltd Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation Motorsport Rally Rally Car Rally Competitors Rally of the Tests Regularity section Tony Large Tue, 28 Oct 2014 21:34:53 GMT
The 'second' 1000 Mile Trial Winners John Abel & Martyn Taylor at the Finish outside The Royal Automobile Club Epsom. When I first heard that the Royal Automobile Club, in partnership with the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation, was to re-create the Thousand Mile Trial, which was first run in 1900, I thought this has the makings of a unique event.  And I wasn't wrong, with Jeremy Dickson and Guy Woodcock at the helm it turned out to be seven days of amazing scenery and fantastic halts and night stops.

One of the shots of the rally, Westgate Ford and an appreciative audience!

Whether I could do photographic justice to the event was a challenge, but for the most part it all came together, and planned locations resulted in the photos I wanted. 

Second place crew was the Bentley Derby Special of Charles Graves and Ron Palmer, here in Yorkshire Admittedly we were spoilt for choice of countryside locations, and halts, and therefore had some tough decisions to make.  Should we go to point A, or B, but in the end I think we got the best we could, as hopefully the photos demonstrate.

Tomas de Vargas Machuca takes Ryan Pickering up the Shelsley Walsh hill climb in an AC 16/80 March Special

Sue Shoosmith & Trina Hartley making a splash in a Bentley!


Another watersplash, this time Alastair Caldwell & Catriona Rings try to get me wet in Alastair Alfa Romeo 6C Super Sport. OK, so there were a few watersplashes, but at least I got to get close with my 17-40 lens a lot.  With the fantastic weather we had I didn't mind getting the odd soaking, not sure I'll be this brave in the Winter though on the 'Tests'!

At the Awards Dinner Guy Woodcock announced there would be a 2015 1000 Mile Trial - the dates of Monday 13th to Saturday 18th July are in the Events Calendar

For the full report of the '2nd' 1000 Mile Trial (2014) go here  





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Summer Trial 2014 in South Wales Once again the HERO Summer Trial was blessed with good weather, despite moving base to South Wales!  The Celtic Manor Resort hosted the Trial for the three day event.

Bristols-ST14_3600Sir George White outside the Celtic Manor with a row of Bristol cars.

Friday saw a short Prologue, to get crews ready for the next two days sport.

3rd place, Guy Woodcock, with daughter Claire navigating, tackling the test in the grounds of the Celtic Manor

Winners Howard Warren & Iain Tullie on the Abergwsyn road










Saturday had the meat of the event, a long day taking crews as far North as the Elan Valley Road, and back via Abergwsen and across the Military Range roads of Epynt.

Chas Colton & Niall Carroll going shopping on Sunday morning!

Whilst Sunday still saw a route going West and back via Llandow for 3 tests, before heading to the valleys on the way back to the Celtic Manor.

HERO MD Patrick Burke had Maxime Urs navigate, on her first event. She certainly seemed to be enjoying it! Full report here, on the HERO website.



[email protected] ( Celtic Manor Classic Car Classic Rally Car Driving Test HERO HERO Cup Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation Motorsport Old Cars Rally Car Rally Competitors Regularity section Reliability Trial Summer Tony Large Trial Tue, 09 Sep 2014 15:24:19 GMT
New format and start for the Summer Trial This year HERO have moved the Summer Trial to South Wales, and with a new format.  Starting Friday afternoon, and finishing Sunday afternoon, it is a compact event, with a route using some classic rallying roads.

The weather is looking good, but it is Wales we're going to, so the umbrellas are packed!

2012 winners Mike & Simon Baker. I'm not sure we'll get any shots like the one above this year, but who knows, maybe Clerk of the Course Peter Nedin has found some wet stuff for the competitors.  Full event preview here.

The entry is certainly a cracking one, lots of 'new' cars, and some interesting new driver/navigator combinations as well.  Hope the 'family' entries are still talking to their daughters at the finish.  Talking of family entries, in the Tour category Rob Short has Harry with him this year, and in an Austin Healey 3000.

Rob and Freddy Short in an E type. Freddy the youngest navigator on the event!















Lastly I found this 'action' shot, taken in 2012 by my other 'navigator/photographer' Mick Briggs, just to prove we do take the photos!

Tony&Mikeinaction-ST12_12781Tony & Mike in action!

[email protected] ( Classic Car Classic Rally Car Driving Test HERO HERO Cup Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation Motorsport Old Cars Rally Car Rally Competitors Regularity section Reliability Trial Summer Trial Tony Large Wed, 18 Jun 2014 18:07:32 GMT
Back from the Mountains - the Alpine Trial 2014 The photo below sums up the 1st Alpine Trial perfectly, stunning views and stunning Pre War cars.

William Medcalf, with navigater Tony Brooks, on the climb up the Col de la Biche.

Taken on the last morning of the event, I nearly didn't find this location.  Having stayed in Aix-Le-Bain on the Wednesday night we spent Thursday morning recceing some of the last days route.  I now always recce the route backwards, as that way you 'see' the shot, and having stopped at the hairpin above this, I thought I had found a good angle, the view wasn't bad, but there was a lot of tall grass on the inside of it making angles tricky.  Meanwhile my navigator for this event, Martyn, had wandered over to the outside and saw this shot.  "Er Whiz, I think you should look over here".  Well it's easy to say the rest is history, but what a view, just as well we had stopped and got out of the car to take some snaps.  That's the river Rhone, and the Lac du Bourget in the background.  (The only downside, the sun was in the wrong place!)

Winners were the Talbot 105 Alpine (apt) of Gareth Burnett and Jez Haylock (below).

The winning Talbot 105 Alpine after the first Timed Section of the event heading up the Col des Pitons

Second overall, was the Bentley Derby 4 1/4 of Paul Carter, with Robert Ellis on the maps, (below).

Mind that wall Paul! The first 'Alpine Challenge' section causing a traffic jam.















Whilst third was Bill Clyndert and Matthew Abrey in the bare metal Model A Speedster.

26-AT14_2238On the run out from lunch on the second day, down to and across Lac du Roseland, (across the dam that is!).















Early leaders Bill Ainscough and Jason Duerden finished 4th overall in Bill's recently acquired Alfa Romeo 8C Zagato.  Nice to see a 7 figure car being used competitively.

Just realised it looks like there's a power line post growing out of the back!

and lastly, getting a bit too close!

Class winners Gavin and Diana Henderson in their Frazer Nash BMW 328 saying hello!





















[email protected] ( Alpine Trial Annecy ERA Endurance Rallying Association Pre War Tony Large Vintage cars Thu, 12 Jun 2014 19:30:34 GMT
Off to the Mountains! 023-FS14_7856023-FS14_7856Date: Friday 4th to Sunday 6th April 2014

"Great Northern" Edition - Route: Forest of Arden to Gleneagles via Clayton-le-Moors and Peebles

Organising Club: Endurance Rally Association


The Alpine Trial is a new event organised by the Endurance Rally Association.  The three day event will be based in Annecy, and will undertake a competitive route around the surrounding mountains.

Flying Scotsman winner (pictured), and Peking to Paris entrant William Medcalf has entered, with his wife Victoria navigating, along with 40+ other splendid Vintage cars.

We'll be there to get the cars and the views, have a look in a weeks time at my website.



[email protected] ( Alpine Trial Endurance Rally Association Rally Competitors Tony Large Vintage Rally Car Vintage Reliability Trial Vintageants Mon, 02 Jun 2014 22:39:25 GMT
The Big One - London Sydney Classic Marathon Rally 2014 The Big OneDate: Saturday 10th May 2014 - Location: Epynt Range Roads, South Wales, Leg 4 of the Sydney London Classic Marathon Rally

'The Big One' ended with a 'sting in the tail', a days rallying on the Epynt Range Roads of South Wales! Not surprising really as Mark Solloway, proprietor of well known preparation company Historic Rally Sport and Event Director of the event comes from Wales!

The Sydney-London Classic Marathon Rally, to give it it's full title started in Australia on the 12th April, and finish in the UK on 11th May.  Legs 1 & 2 were 'down under', the cars then flown to Turkey, to begin Legs 3 & 4 in Europe, the competition finishing on Epynt.

I am grateful to have a collection of photos on my site of that last days competition from Award winning photographer Mark Griffin and his father Alan.  The weather was mixed unfortunately, being driving rain one side of the ranges, to drier on the other, but nevertheless Mark & Alan stood their ground and got a fine record of the competitors in very trying weather conditions.  I think their cameras have now all dried out!

At the end of 30 days rallying first overall in the Competition category went to Geoff Olholm/John Doble, car 1, a Datsun 260Z.


Geoff Olholm/John Doble in their Datsun 260Z tackling 'Four Ways' Only a little bit wet!

Whilst Challenge Winners were Eric Claeys / Rene Declercoq, car C1,  a Toyota HiLux 

The Toyota HiLux of Eric Claeys / Rene Declercoq. Not every day you see a competition HiLux on Epynt.

[email protected] ( Classic Car Epynt Historic Motorsoprt Historic cars London Mark Griffin Rally Competitors Regularity section Sydney Sydney London Classic Marathon Rally Transworld Historic Rallying the Big One Thu, 22 May 2014 17:45:56 GMT
Mini Tour Britannia 2014 I have photographed Tour Britannia in the past as it used to attract a wide variety of cars, and seeing them on Special Stages, is well, special.  These cars are normally only seen on the Race Track, and catching them out of their normal surroundings makes a change.  It's not often you see someone 'rally' a Ford GT40, or a Z28 Camaro, or a C type Jaguar.

With the Mini Tour Britannia running this year only just 'up the road', well the M3, and using some venues I've not photographed at I thought some coverage would be good.  The event started and finished at the Royal Automobile Club's premises at Woodcote Park, near Epsom, and used Stages and Tests at Dunsfold, as well as a Stage at Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands, culminating with a Stage back at Woodcote Park.

Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Park. The Ford GT40 of David McErlain & Andrew Merifield

  This was the first time a Special Stage had been run at Woodcote Park, the paperwork suggested it was to introduce the golfing members to motorsport!

Photographing on the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold was exciting, especially as several competitors have obviously not watched TG and knew the layout of the 'hammerhead', or either their Co Drivers couldn't read a stage diagram.  Some of them took an interesting 'line' shall we say, just as well I was using my 100-400 zoom!

Howard Redhouse & first time navigator Scott Nicholson took first in the Competition Category. Photo above shows Competition Category winner Howard Redhouse going the right way around the TG 'hammerhead' at Dunsfold.

'Cleared for Take Off' Regularity Category winnrs Andrew Brodie & Richard Payne.


Here's a selection of the 'interesting' cars that competed:

Jaguar C type of Ben Cussons & Toby Ecuyer Regularity Category entrants Duncan Moir & Sebastian Reid










Duncan Moir commented: 'What a terrific event – a lot of fun, no (major!) damage, some first class locations and a good days exercise. Best tank of fuel for a long while!'





And as for the big boys, here on the 'End of the Runway' test:

Stuart Scott & Steve Wood twirling the Z28 Camero around the cones at Dunsfold Belgium Historic rallyman Glenn Janssens & Julie Luypart destroying the cones on the test at Dunsfold











A great day out, and some new venues ticked off.  Can't wait now for July, when the 1000 Mile Trial sets off from Woodcote Park, and attempts the Captains Drive climb. 

[email protected] ( Classic Car Dunsfold Historic cars Mini Britannia Rally Competitors Regularity section Tony Large Woodcote Park Tue, 13 May 2014 17:31:53 GMT
HERO Scottish Malts 2014  

Gleneagles, and Danial Gresly gets his photo taken by Denise Mezger before the start

It's hard to believe that only two weeks ago we were now on the second day of photographing the 'Malts', and heading for the Isle of Syke.

Day one had gone well, our recce on the Saturday before had found some good locations, and besides the start from Gleneagles we had caught the cars three more times that day. We even had time to pop in to the lunch halt at Airth Castle.


Our planning paid off on Day 2, and we caught the cars three times during the day, including the afternoon regularity after Fort William, RS2E Crium Leacairn, which had caused a few problems on the snowy 2012 LeJog. On that occasion we had only managed to drive to the first corner, the frozen snow turning to ice, and as it was just before midnight, none too warm!  Having then finished photographing the cars and halfway through packing the cameras away we were suddenly surprised to see several competitors, including a Mini, returning the way they had come as the small climb at the end of the regularity was impossible to get up.

Difficult to imagine this ice and snow covered on LeJoG. (Leaders Mark & Sue Godfrey in their MGB)



Driving it now in the late April sun-shine we discovered the small climb and found it hard to imagine the chaos the weather then had caused.  In fact it made a nice backdrop, blue sky and yellow gorse in the background, time for the polarizing filter!

The end of the day saw the event cross to the Isle of Skye via the Glenelg Ferry, and fantastic experience.

Competitors get a boat ride on the Glenelg - Skye turntable Ferry










Next morning the event restarted with a test on/at Skye Airport, with fantastic views all around as the backdrop.




09-SM14_2307The Cuillins in the background of the Skye Airport Test

The most Northerly part of the route was today, and standing by the side of an A Road would not normally seem like an ideal location for getting photos of rally cars.  But despite my loathing for white lines in my pictures, the A835 running besides Loch Glascarnoch on its way to Ullapool is a fantastic location, especially when the weather gives a great backdrop.

the A835 and Loch Glascarnoch














The penultimate day saw a new venue to HERO being used as a test venue, Cameron Barracks in Inverness.  With impeccable timing the recruits finished their morning 6 laps of the parade ground just as the course car arrived.

08-SM14_413408-SM14_4134Cameron Barracks, and the 'locals' taking an interest















The first 4 days had passed in a blur of locations, for the last day we needed to get all the right ingredients, a good view and the light in the right direction. After dismissing the first regularity and test, no views, it was after the second regularity, Loch Garten, on the road to Balmoral that we found the best spot.

Richard Dresner & Colin MacKenzie on their way to 3rd O/A, what a backdrop! After that it was off to the finish back at Gleneagles Hotel and later that evening a fantastic Awards Dinner in the Ballroom.


[email protected] ( Classic Car Classic Rally Car Driving Test Gleneagles HERO HERO Cup Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation Motorsport Old Cars Rally Car Rally Competitors Regularity section Reliability Trial Scottish Malts Tony Large Tue, 13 May 2014 15:29:11 GMT
What's next - the HERO Scottish Malts Scotland here we come - again!

Less than a week to go, and it's off to Bonnie Scotland again, and Gleneagles Hotel, twice in one month, it's a hard life!

This time for the HERO Scottish Malts, and a cracking field this year, from a 1934 Bentley, through Healeys, Triumphs, MGs, Porsches and Jaguars.  There are even 4 E type Jags, and an interesting 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 RS lightweight, it makes for a wonderful group of cars.

Starting and finishing at the Gleneagles Hotel this year the event is five days of exploring Scotland clockwise, even onto to the Isle of Skye again, and crossing on the Glenelg-Skye community ferry.  But let me point you to the event preview for what's in store. 

I thought I'd dig out a few shots from the last two 'Malts' and maybe, (or maybe not), we'll be seeing some of these venues and scenery this year, fingers crossed for the weather.

32-SM12_13302012 winners, Graham Walker & Sean Toohey 11-SM10_54372010 winners Bob & Sue McClean, heading for the Glenelg Ferry


Now where might this be?






















25-SM10_17751Chris White and Ken Woodham have enter this year again.















And there still might be snow on the hilltops.



Graham Walker gets the film star treatment from Francesco Rastrelli!








The Lotus Elan of Graham Walker/Sean Toohey near Inverness.

[email protected] ( Classic Car Classic Rally Car Driving Test Gleneagles HERO HERO Cup Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation Motorsport Old Cars Rally Car Rally Competitors Regularity section Reliability Trial Scottish Malts Tony Large Mon, 21 Apr 2014 21:24:59 GMT
New venues, but still the Ilkley Jubilee The Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally 2014

After an absence of two years I went back to Yorkshire to photograph a Autosessive HRCR Clubmans Championship round, the Ilkley Jubilee.  With a new start and finish venue, and new test site, as well as some old favourites with a new twist the event was once again well organised and promoted by Ilkley & District Motor Club.  Still under the guiding hand of Clerk of the Course Henry Carr, the event took competitors on the figure of eight route, with lunch and afternoon tea in Pateley Bridge being at the centre of it.

With several fancied crews picking up penalties the beginning of the day, the route and navigation certainly gave everyone a testing day.  Talking of 'testing', there was a new test site for the event, at Hildebrand Barracks, on the outskirts of Harrogate, for the first three tests and extra areas had been found at Coldstones Quarry, (home of the Coldstones Cut), including a cracking one around the quarry stone store area in the afternoon.

04-IJ14_6783Howard Warren and Paul Bosdet go mountain climbing in a 911!


As the photos show, some found it a bit more 'loose' than they were expecting, and one or two mountain climbing moments occurred!





At the end of the day it was the sideways Escort of John Ruddock and Andy Pullan that took first overall,

03-IJ14_10057John Ruddock/Andy Pullan at Hildebrand Barracks, Harrogate in the background.

followed by 2013 LeJog winners Andrew Buzzard & Robb Lynne, in their rejuvinated Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint

That'll be two fingers for second overall then Andy?


and third went to the orange Porsche 911 of Howard Warren & Paul Bosdet, their shopping trip obviously shorter that some other crews! 




And first in Class E, went to the MG Maestro of Suzanne and Tyler Barker, their Avenger from last year having been pensioned off, or was that 'rotted away'? 

That's right Tyler, show her the way to go!

  And the best car, IMHO, on the event, was the DKW F93 Sondrklasse of Darren Everitt & Susan Dixon, the noise was amazing, not to mention the lean angles?

11-IJ14_5638yes it's a DKW F93 Sondrklasse Darren Everitt & Susan Dixon in a DKW F93 Sondrklasse












The weather was dry for us, despite a few black cloud moments, just a shame they happened on the road sections, not letting the scenery show it's best in the photographs.

[email protected] ( Classic Car Classic Rally Car Driving Tests HRCR HRCR Clubmans Championship Ilkley Jubilee Motorsport Old Cars Rally Car Rally Competitors Regularity section Road Rally Tony Large Mon, 21 Apr 2014 20:14:37 GMT
As soon as one finishes another begins! Having just finished cataloguing over 6000 images from the Flying Scotsman its time to re-pack the bags and head off for another event.  

This weekend it's back 'up North' only this time just to Yorkshire, for the next round of the Autosessive HRCR Clubmans Rally Championship, the Ilkley Jubilee on Sunday.   This year the rally is based just outside Harrogate, at the Milestones, it should be, maybe using some areas not used for a while, we will find out tomorrow!


Having now packed, and caught my breath I now have time to add some photos of the top 3 finishers from the FS, claimed to be 'The Longest Timed Rally for Vintageants'.

023-FS14_7856023-FS14_7856Starting the Allendale section just before the Ford, my colleague Mike caught the winners William Medcalf/David Kirkham from a great vantage point. I'll leave you to look at my photos to work out the vantage point Mike took this from!

2nd O/A went to previous winners Paul Carter and John Bayliss, in his pretty 1936 Bentley Derby 4 1/4, seen below very early on the last day of the event.

091-FS14_3778091-FS14_3778Paul Carter/John Bayliss, the Bentley Derby looking a bit Bluebird-ish from this angle?.














and third went to David Thompson and ex FS route desginer Alan Smith in the great looking Talbot 105 Alpine, also a 1936 year model.

055-FS14_2654055-FS14_2654Very, very early on Saturday morning, near Barnoldswick.














Lastly a couple of shots of the winning crew, shortly after Lunch on the first day, and a 'tight' line that certainly made my colleague Mike Sargent 'concentrate'.  Left is his shot, mine is the upright shot.

023-FS14_6845023-FS14_6845Bit close for comfort!

Get him William, Mike's just around the corner!











Funny thing, we couldn't remember if it was because a car was coming the other way, or perhaps he just didn't like Mike!









And lastly a shot of the fourth placed crew, who were third on day 2, Nick Jarvis & Ryan Pickering in the lovely Jaguar SS 100.  Taken on the Allendale section after Lunch in Stanhope.

012-FS14_3105012-FS14_3105Who you looking at Ryan?

[email protected] ( Endurance Rally Association Flying Scotsman Forest in Arden Gleneagles Motorsport Old Cars Pioneers Rally Competitors Road Rally Tony Large Vintage Rally Car Vintage Reliability Trial Vintageants Fri, 11 Apr 2014 20:31:54 GMT
Flying Scotsman 2014 winners  

Champagne anyone?

William Medcalf and navigator David Kirkham at the finish of the 2014 Flying Scotsman Vintage Reliability Trial at Gleneagles.  Taking the lead on the first day, they were challenged but kept ahead of the field to take the winners champagne.

And all the photos, 6000+, are now uploaded.


[email protected] ( Association Endurance Flying Scotsman Gleneagles Rally Vintage Rally Car Vintage Reliability Trial Thu, 10 Apr 2014 19:01:45 GMT
Flying Scotsman 2014 Just a quick update from the Flying Scotsman, (now we have WiFi that reaches our hotel room!)

First day leaders William Medcalf & David Kirkham (Bentley Super Sports) have tightened their grip on the top position, after leading at the end of Day 1, with a lead of 44 seconds, not much, but enough (photo taken on second test of Day 1, Merevale Hall.)

023-FS14_0423William Medcalf/David Kirkham, Bentley Super Sports, leaders Day 1 & 2

Up to second are Paul Carter & John Bayliss (Bentley Derby 4 1/4), while Nick Jarvis, with Ryan Pickering navigating (Jaguar SS100) are 3rd. (photo below of Paul Carter taken today at 'Herriots' Ford)

Paul Carter/John Baylis, Bentley Derby 4 1/4















David Thomson & Alan Smith (Talbot 105 Alpine) have slipped from 3rd yesterday to 4th tonight, whilst 5th is Fred Gallagher & Neil Oatley(Lancia Aprillia). (photo of David Thomson taken at 'stupid o'clock' this morning)

055-FS14_2654David Thomson/Alan Smith, Talbot 105 Alpine















All the news can be found on the ERA FS webpage, contributed by Syd Stelvios brother, Ben Nevis!  


[email protected] ( Association Car Endurance Flying Gleneagles Rally Reliability Scotsman Trial Vintage Sat, 05 Apr 2014 21:32:19 GMT
Flying Scotsman begins tomorrow Now for some Vintage cars, the Flying Scotsman gets underway tomorrow from Forest in Arden, finishing on Sunday afternoon at Gleneagles.  And we'll be following it the whole way.

Here's a few shots of previous winners, I didn't cover it last year unfortunately.

2010, don't think we'll be getting any snow this year, or have I spoken too soon? 2011 - Unfortunately not going this way this year










108-FS12_67952012 - And no Catalina in the background this year either

[email protected] ( Association Car Endurance Flying Gleneagles Rally Reliability Scotsman Trial Vintage Thu, 03 Apr 2014 07:22:03 GMT
Photo of the event or a lucky shot? Having spent a long time sorting through the photos I took on the CRA Winter Challenge, it's sometimes the 'grab' shot that 'works' the best.  On the penultimate day, having survived the blizzard on the Col de Rousset, and after a rushed bit to eat at the lunch halt we shot off to find somewhere in the afternoon, before dusk fell.

As I think I've mentioned previously I spent the last two days in the company of the film crew, and we were trying to find some snow, but not get into blizzard territory again.  So how high should we go? that was the dilemma, plus the usual problem, where can we park off the road? compounded by the snow!

Anyway to cut a long story short, we got some shots/filming at low level, then we saw a good gap in the field and carried on further up the mountain.  We managed eventually to find somewhere to park, just before a hairpin, and it was whilst shooting them coming round the corner I glanced over my shoulder, and saw a gap between the trees and 'snatched' the shot below.

28-WC14_742028-WC14_7420Sunday 23rd to Thursday 27th February 2014

Route: Race Retro to Col de Turini

Organised by the Classic Rally Association

And luckily it's the winning car, the Porsche 356 of Jan Ebus and Jan Berkhof.  To me it typifies what was the Winter Challenge 2014.

[email protected] ( Classic Rally Association Porsche 356 Winter Challenge winning car Thu, 27 Mar 2014 18:31:16 GMT
Recent Events Recent Events


So whilst I've been busy uploading thousands of images I did however get out of the house occasionally.  Back in January it was the customary visit to the HRCR Open Day at Gaydon with plenty of handshaking.  The day really encapsulates what is great in the world of Historic/Classic car competition.  It's so good to be able to meet and chat with organisers and competitors alike, in a relaxed, non event, environment.

The next week it was up to London, for a Photographic Trade Show, and time to hold onto ones wallet.  Far too much tempting photographic hardware on offer!  But a good chance to meet suppliers, and see what's new.


At the beginning of February I visited Goodwood Motor Racing circuit for the South Downs Stages, not so good day weather wise, wet and windy, but a chance to try my GoPro camera out.  This 'moving image' lark is a completely new ball game, not sure if I'm ever going to get the hang of film editing, perhaps I'll just use it on the stills setting!  It was nice to catch up with old friends, officials and competitors, not least a brief chat with event Official Photographer Andy Manston of M&H Photography.


Then at the end of the month the first 'adventure' of 2014 - The CRA Winter Challenge. 

59-RR14_407959-RR14_4079The sight and sound of a MG Metro 6R4 - "the best wet dream ever!"

 And a double wammy, a visit to Race Retro (again in association with HERO) and the chance to photograph those lovely Rallying with Group B rally cars.

The Group B cars didn't disappoint, with star drivers like Russell Brookes, Jimmy McRae,

52-RR14_429452-RR14_4294Dai Llewellin

Dia Llewellyn and  Mark Higgins throwing the cars around the Live Stage it certainly brought back memories.  Or as a new friend said, 'the best wet dream ever' (as a Metro 6R4, celebrating it's 30th birthday, went passed sideways!).

And it was nice to see Tony Mason back out commentating.  My favourite 'show' was Dai Llewellyn pointing the ex Swedish Rally Colin McRae Subaru Legacy every way except straight ahead, it was a wonder to behold, taking to the grass a lot and making two 90s into a wide arcing 180 was just pure magic. 52-RR14_426452-RR14_4264Dai Llewlyn throwing the Legacy around the Live Stage











I've not photographed a whole Winter Challenge before, only the start a couple of times, funnily enough once at an early Race Retro, but never across to France and into the mountains.  Seasoned navigators kept spouting the names of famous Cols, and Monte Carlo stage names, but I'm afraid I've lead a sheltered life when it comes to having been there in the Winter.  Only a few Classic Marathons have taken me into the Alps but of course in the warmer times of the year.  In fact the only time I can remember photographing in a truly snowy environment was back in the 1980s when I had the chance to visit it the Swedish Rally, and 'that hat' has been with me ever since!

So it was great to be offered a ride on the event in the Media car, with Seren Whyte driving and new Media man Kev Haworth on the maps.  We managed to satisfy each other's job requirements quite well, for me getting photos of every car, and for Kev and Seren, reporting, Tweeting and Facebooking.  For the last two days of the events I 'jumped ship' and travelled with the film crew, where we went to some great locations, helped considerably by the hard work of Roberta Rocatti, (of Blue Passion), who had put Google to good effect.

The highlight was managing to get some shots in the snow, but perhaps the blizzard at the top of the Col de Rousset was a bit 'over the top'!  But a first time for everything, and I did manage to get the shots.

28-WC14_716628-WC14_7166Col de Rousset - in a blizzard!


The finish on the Col de Turini I had been looking forward to, and, as usually happens, it was initially a bit disappointing.  I have only seen the 'Turini' in photos, and on film, and with only recently cleared snow banks everywhere it distorted the view of the place.  But after walking up and down the road in the middle you could sense the atmosphere of a Monte Carlo Rally stage coming through.  You could just imagine the 90 right into 90 left in the dark, with thousands of spectators, the sights and noise must be incredible.

But back to the finish of the event, a real sting in the tail, as the finish was also the finish of the last regularity, which had four timing points on the climb up.  It was great to see everyone finish, and congratulations to the two Jans, 'no second this time'. 28-WC14_781228-WC14_7812The two Jans -no second this time'

The Awards were presented in the Cafe De Paris, which is in Casino Square.  It was a bit surreal crossing the red and white painted kerbstones to get to it, stopping to imagine a formula one car racing past.  And a lovely evening it was, a very memorable night, more so for some, I understand that the Vodka Martinis in the Hotel Hermitage are particularly good in the early hours!  All I can say is the Crystal Bar there was very pleasant and all the more enjoyable with some convivial company.

And of course the following morning, before we left you have to do it.  Yes try and set 'pole' on the Grand Prix circuit, we nearly managed it, if it wasn't for the other cars we would have been close!  I suppose the memory I will take away from Monaco is, lots of high rise buildings, and a ridiculously small race track.  Memories of the Winter Challenge, well the Challenge part! :-

coldeRousset-sign-WC14_7227coldeRousset-sign-WC14_7227Sunday 23rd to Thursday 27th February 2014

Race Retro to Col de Turini

Organised by the Classic Rally Association

Snowplough-WC14_7060Snowplough-WC14_7060Sunday 23rd to Thursday 27th February 2014

Race Retro to Col de Turini

Organised by the Classic Rally Association

Won by Jan Ebus/Jan Berkhof, Porsche 356B, car 28

Sled&huskies-WC14_7228Sled&huskies-WC14_7228Sunday 23rd to Thursday 27th February 2014

Race Retro to Col de Turini

Organised by the Classic Rally Association

Won by Jan Ebus/Jan Berkhof, Porsche 356B, car 28











And for an 'inside' story, checkout Elise Whytes blog on the event, where she navigated HERO MD Patrick Burke to 10th overall.

After my adventure, it was off to another Photographic Show, this time at the NEC, and a cracker it was.  The old 'Focus on Imaging' show has been replaced by the appropriately named Photography Show!  Lots of stuff to see, all the major camera manufacturers were there, and lots of tempting expensive camera gear, just what you'd expect really!  It was a very worthwhile trip, as my new website supplier was there and was running several very interesting seminars.  Time will tell if I learned anything!

That almost brings me up to date, more soon.


[email protected] ( Blue Passion GoPro HRCR Metro 6R4 Monaco NEC Photography Show Race Retro Winter Challenge Thu, 27 Mar 2014 12:31:39 GMT
Settings and Statistics Settings and Statistics


Well it's now mid March and I've succeeded in uploading over 100,000 images.  I've also just about won the battle with 'redirecting' my website domain names to the new site, the next week or so will be interesting when I finally 'switch off' the old site and redirect to the new one, I expect I'll be 'off the air' for a few days.

I didn't know until I started 'tinkering' with websites that it takes between 24 and 48 hours for a domain name to be redirected.  I know, in this day and age we expect changes to be instantaneous, but in the world of domain names it doesn't!  And that's assuming you've got all the DNS settings correct in the first place, a bit trial and error in my case.  Most of my domains are registered through 123-Reg, and their Control Panel and guides have been easy to use, just the 'nut behind the wheel' that has been a bit slow!  Anyway I think I've cracked it, they all seem to be redirecting to my new site, now.  If you're reading this it obviously worked!

I looked at my old website recently, and came up with some interesting statistics; I had 509,971 images stored from all my contributing photographers and my own.  That comprises of 670 uploads, (events), and resulted in 137,211 visitors since 2002.  Here's my contribution: 


Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
No of Galleries 25 34 121 119 68 57 55 52 47 44 32 25
TL Events 25 24 16 17 11 9 15 16 24 23 16 11

2007 was the only single digit year, but we did move house to Hampshire that year.

It did make me wonder, that 'pre digital', how rolls of 35mm film would that have been?

[email protected] ( 123-Reg 35mm domain name images uploading uploads website Fri, 21 Mar 2014 23:48:42 GMT
A new beginning Thank you for visiting the new website for Tony Large Photographic, (trading/known as, on the web).  This website will offer more options for buying photos, including high resolution downloads of my images, in a variety of resolution sizes, and the ability for customers to crop photos as they wish when they order prints.  Also framing is available, you can even preview what colour frame looks best.

I will post messages on a regular basis, and let you know as I update the website.  As of January 2014 I am uploading my complete collection of event photos year by year.  Your patience is appreciated over the coming months as I have tens of thousands of images to upload, all at original high resolution, just as they came off the camera.


[email protected] ( Tony Large carscaughtoncamera new website Tue, 22 Oct 2013 20:21:18 GMT